A Eureka Moment

I have a story for you today about an a-ha moment that I got by dusting off my bicycle. It has a great takeaway for you if you are working on up-leveling your career or business.

My daughter is starting to ride her bicycle and she’s getting to the point where she can possibly go on a ride with the family. It inspired me to pull my bicycle out of the basement, pump air in the tires, and take it for a spin.

When I started riding, I noticed a pain in my back that has caused me problems for a number of years. I felt it pretty much as soon as I got on the bike. This is a pain that I have done a ton of things and spent a lot of time, money, and energy on trying to fix it. And here, not two minutes into my ride and the pain is back. It would be logical to assume that cycling is the issue. Perhaps I shouldn’t be riding the bike if I get back pain. By the cycling wasn’t the issue. It was HOW I was sitting on the bicycle.

I know this because a couple of months ago while doing some yoga, the very experienced teacher took one look at me in my very first pose and noticed how I was holding my back. She pressed her finger on the spot that was hurting (how could she tell?) and told me to stop arching my back and to flatten my spine more. I didn’t realize I had been arching my back. When I made this small and subtle shift in the way I held my spine, the pain went away. Instantly.

It was the very same pain that I experienced riding my bike. As I rode, I remembered this and made sure I straightened my back. The pain went away. So simple! An incredible result for such an easy adjustment.

I couldn’t help but shake my head about the amount of time I had spent over the past decade (at least) working with registered massage therapists to make my back pain go away. They were great and very skilled at what they did and their worked helped to ease the muscles in the short-term. However, it didn’t fix the problem. It’s because we were trying to address what was showing up–my sore muscles–instead of fixing the issue at the source. My muscles weren’t the problem: the way I held my spine was.

How does this apply to where you’re at with your career or business?

So often we spend years working to address a problem but we’re not really getting to the source. We don’t make the adjustment we need to make. Instead, we massage our way around it because we don’t know what’s causing the pain in the first place.

Time management is a great pain that people often ask me to help them with. When I look at what’s happening for them, managing time isn’t the issue. It’s other stuff underneath that. For example, one client I worked with filled her days, evenings and weekends with work. She told me that she felt exhausted at the end of the day because she had been so busy but she didn’t feel like she accomplished anything. Through coaching, she cleared her evenings and weekends of the work. “What am I going to do with all of this time now?” We had a good laugh about that – a great problem to have. What was going on? She had a disempowering underlying story that caused her to fill her days with busy work instead of the things that would really make a difference in her growing business. When our conversations revealed this, she started making big changes. Except they didn’t feel big. They were tweaks. Subtle and simple. Just like the adjustment I made to my spine.

That’s what can happen when you work with someone who is skilled in the area that you need help in and can identify the source of what’s causing the pain.

I am helping people to find out what’s happening at the source, and then if they need them, providing them with tools, strategies, and support as they make their adjustments. And that empowers them to have only the things on their plate that they want on there so they can do their brilliant work in the world. So they can say no, set boundaries in the areas that are most important to them, to

I’m covering all of this at my event in Victoria, BC from September 21-23. We are diving deep. You will build strategies and set the goals, and I’ll be supporting you with systems and processes and on-the-spot coaching so that you can take action, save time, be more productive, and create better results than you can on your own. You’ll learn which actions move your business forward instead of the ones that keep you feeling busy all day but exhausted and wondering if you accomplished anything. And you get to do this with other committed people who are working on the same things.

After the live event, you get to receive ongoing support and coaching. This will let you take what you learned and created at the event and implement it in real time when you’re back in “the real world.” But it’s only for those who make the decision that they’re in. It’s for the action takers who know they can’t waste any more time and money and energy on things that aren’t addressing the root source of what’s causing their pain.

Early bird tickets are only available until the end of the month. Then the investment to attend more than doubles.

If you have questions, leave me a comment or set up a call to talk to me. erin at erin acton dot com

Register at www.burnouttobalancebootcamp.com

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