Erin Acton is a connector and a business and communications strategist. She is passionate about supporting business owners and leaders to improve their soft skills, which often have the power to create massive shifts both personally and financially. In the nitty gritty of the day-to-day, Erin spends her time providing one-on-one or group and team coaching, leading strategic planning sessions, developing and providing team training programs, speaking to organizations, or leading multi-day transformation events.

She is also the Managing Director of the eWomenNetwork Victoria, BC chapter. There, she connects and promotes women business owners and professionals (and a few good men) to help them attract more business, build and expand their network of contacts, and connect them with others who want to do business with them. eWomenNetwork is on a mission to help one million women entrepreneurs each achieve one million dollars in annual revenue, and Erin emphatically supports that mission.

Before starting a business, her near-20-year and award-winning broadcasting and communications careers gave her the opportunity to work for mom-and-pop shops, to spin vinyl as a DJ, to report on both amazing and tragic stories of human triumph and heartbreak, to navigate red tape and paperwork with government, and to lead the communications for a woman-owned company with more than $50-million in annual revenue. She speaks both corporate-ese and no-nonsense English. For example, she finds it fun to leverage synergies during strategic planning, or to strip away the jargon and acronyms for the web, and has come to embrace the exclamation mark (if this triggers you, she is happy to hear your arguments against it over a pint or glass of wine).

Sound like we could work together? Let’s chat. You can arrange a complimentary call with Erin where you’ll explore your current challenges and what you want to accomplish, tease out more of your vision, and assess your best step forward from there. Contact her at 2 5 0 8 1 3 1 7 6 1 or erin at erin acton dot com.

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