Are you tired of feeling like you’re caught on a hamster wheel?

You run and run but it only makes the wheel spin faster. You have a career that leaves you no time for friends and very little time for your family. You’re disappointed in yourself because when you’re with your family, you’re on edge and you snap at them. Sometimes, you’ll look up and realize that you just had a conversation with someone but you have no idea what they said and worse, no idea what you said. Some days, it’s like a zombie has taken over your body. Your confidence has tanked. You have no energy. You know you can’t keep doing this but you don’t know where to start.

IAbout_EEPink am Erin Acton, a certified life and business coach. I’ve been in the field of burnout and life purpose for the past four years. I’m passionate about this because I struggled with burnout myself, trying to be the perfect mom while leading the communications for a $50M company. I love to help people who want to get off the hamster wheel so they can be present and patient again and finally love what they do! When I speak, I teach how to stop overwhelm in its tracks. Contact me to arrange a presentation for your group.

Have you thought lately, “I’m exhausted, I can’t keep this is up”?

I invite you to a confidential and complementary burnout to balance strategy session ($497 value). Even if we never talk again, you’ll walk away from this free, 45-90-minute session knowing why you have been struggling and how to bring more balance into your life right now. Submit your application here.

What’s in it for you

With me, clients receive a safe space, confidentiality, respect, and permission to be themselves. Because of this, they gain so much.

“Since working with Erin I have gained motivation and accountability! Having her to talk to really motivated me because I shared my aspirations and worked on them with her. That alone made me more likely to go through with them and more likely to do what I said I was going to do. It’s usually hard for me to take action but through her coaching, I was able to get clear on what I need to do, how I was going to do it, and then did it. If I didn’t have this coaching, I probably wouldn’t be as organized or confident, and my team wouldn’t be as organized or confident.”—C.R.

About_ELRReasons to choose me as your coach

I know what it’s like to run around with my hair on fire. That’s what I did–for years! In my roles as a broadcaster and communicator, I looked cool and collected on the outside and probably like I had it all—heck, I won awards! But on the inside, I felt like I needed to run faster and faster to try to put the fire out. Can you imagine how effective that was? Exactly. I was burned out. One day, the universe intervened and I got to hit the pause button. In that moment of stillness and calm, I realized I needed to make some big changes.

And I did. It wasn’t easy, but my journey taught me so much, and as a result, I have developed a system built on the insight I learned. I now feel great. I’m building an amazing, meaningful career, spending quality, fulfilling quality time with my family—and the guilt? Gone. Let me share my passion and process with you and help you get from burned out to balanced.

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“Erin is a very talented coach. She is gifted to ask the right questions and to reframe one’s thoughts with the immediate result of wanting to take action. After already one session I was able to assess certain situations differently and to change them. Erin helped me to take back charge and be happy in life.”—Sonja, Victoria, BC

Erin understood what I was saying. She listened, and when she communicated with me, I was confident that I was being understood.”—Thea Culley

“Erin’s voice and tone made me comfortable right from the beginning. She made it easy to talk, and I don’t like talking about myself! I now have such crystallized and focused thinking about my goals—and a page and a half of notes to go with them. Plus, I’m motivated to accomplish them! I wouldn’t have done this on my own.”—Christy

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