A visual to help you when you feel like you have too many balls to juggle

I spoke to a client recently who wanted to be better at juggling all of her balls. I can certainly relate to that and it’s not a pleasant feeling. But I’ve recently come to imagine these balls differently.

cricket ball blue sky

Image by Tc7 used with permission.

Before I had my big aha moment that helped me to make significant changes in my life, it would often feel like I had to rush from ball to ball. I worried constantly that they were all about to drop down around me. I zipped here and there, hastily grabbing one ball and throwing it back up as quickly and forcefully as I could before I hurtled myself to snatch and launch the next one.

Only recently, I’ve begun to think of these balls differently, thanks to a session with a client.

My client wanted to get a better hold on the balls she juggled. During the session my client developed a beautiful image that she continues to think back on: she pictures herself sitting calmly and serenely beneath little clouds. Each one of these clouds supports a ball. When she is ready to work on a ball, she imagines herself reaching up, taking that ball down, and then, when she is done with it, gently placing it back. She acts with vision, intention, and razor sharpness.

I invite you to take a moment now to imagine you have little clouds above you, each one safely and securely holding a ball. See yourself sitting calmly and peacefully beneath them as you intentionally and purposefully deal with one ball at a time. Save this image in your mind so that you can go back to it any time you feel like your balls might be falling around you.

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