Is It Time To Clear Out The Clutter In Your Life?

Clutter can take up our physical, personal, and mental spaces.

Summer is a great time to re-assess what you have in your space and I am definitely doing that right now. It’s time to clean up my office.

After a busy couple of months travelling in May and June, I am now knee deep in junk in my office. I have two un-built armoir’s clogging my walking paths. One is damaged: the other is the replacement. (I didn’t want to get rid of the first until the second arrived. What if the replacement kit was damaged during shipping and I could have swapped parts with the first one?) So, mess. Everywhere. And that doesn’t include the stuff stuffed into a corner awaiting tidy storage in said armoir. For details, watch the video.

Thankfully, the replacement wardrobe arrived yesterday and I can soon begin building it and clearing up the cluttered space. But in the meantime, I’ve noticed the impact on me mentally. I’m not excited to go into my office. And how could I be? It’s packed with crap! It’s crowding in on me and looms like a much-too-long to-do list. It is time to clear it out. Beyond time. And it’s the perfect time.

This is a physical space, but clutter can impact our personal and mental spaces as well.

I’m sure you can relate to this. Perhaps you have said yes more than you have wanted to and feel like you aren’t enjoying your life as much as you would like. Maybe you have a couple of unfulfilling relationships crowding in on your time and your emotions.

Many businesses shift to a slower, more relaxed gear in the summer. We have more time and space to relax and re-assess. If this is the case for you, take advantage of the time to think about all three areas of your life. Which areas could use a quick tidy? Which need a thoughtful pruning? Which ones could use an absolute overhaul?

Once that’s done, what’s one step you could take today to start on it?

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