Give yourself permission to be awesome

Ever wondered if you’ve settled for mediocrity because you’re afraid to fail? I have. I’ve wondered if I settled for accomplishing easy things because I was afraid of what might happen if I aimed for something difficult and (gulp) failed.

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Photo by Rick Harris used with permission.

As a kid, if I didn’t get first place in a race or wasn’t the best at something, anything really, I could take comfort in that because I told myself that if I had practiced more I would have been the best. But earlier when I practiced I told myself that I probably wouldn’t get first anyway, so there was no need to practice very hard.

I didn’t give myself permission to really want something because then I wouldn’t be disappointed if I didn’t get it.

What a load a crap! 🙂 When I think about the missed opportunity, it’s enough to scrunch my face in my hands.

And yet I see I’ve carried some of those limiting thoughts and beliefs into my adult life.

So what could happen if I allow myself to want something – really, truly, to-the-pit-of-my-core want something? Something I need to work really hard for? Something I could only get if I had to reach for it and practice, practice, practice?

Something amazing, no doubt.

Now I’d like to ask you: what limiting beliefs do you tell yourself, and what do you do to reinforce those beliefs? Take a moment to write one down. Then jot down your answers to these questions:

  • How is that belief serving you to be the best you possible?
  • What’s one thing you can do to prove your belief wrong?

Then go out and do it! Today!

Give yourself permission to dream and live an awesome life full of purpose.

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