How to Get Better Faster with a New Skill or Habit #FailFriday

Learning a new skill can suck!! What to do when you’re frustrated with your progress and how to get better faster.

In this #FailFriday video, I share what I’m learning as I learn how to do my eyebrows and what my daughter said to me this morning when she saw them. Yes, it’s hilarious. And yes, there is a lesson in there.

I also share a process you can use to get better faster when you’re learning a new skill or working to implement a new habit.

You’ll identify the three key pillars to getting better faster.

Once you know those, you’ll be able to easily identify the steps you can take to go from where you are now to where you want to be.

The video also includes a fun game to win access to a module in my group coaching program and a 1-to-1 coaching call with me.

This program is for people who want to go from burnout to balance or for those who have big goals and want to keep burnout from happening… so that they can become more focused, calm and productive in eight weeks.

Enter the secret word in the comments and let me know which of the below training modules you want to access:

  1. Module 1: Create clear goals that you’ll actually achieve and keep doing
  2. Module 2: Take care of you. Without the guilt. Learn to ditch the guilt that often comes with self-care and that often keeps us from doing it. Taking care of yourself is the key component to creating resilience, getting out of burnout, and keeping burnout from happening.
  3. Module 3: Get clear on what’s most important to you. Most of us think we know. This one gets you super clear on your vision and mission. Again, this is incredible for building resiliency and also identifying the things that are on your plate that shouldn’t be there.
  4. Module 4: Clear your plate so you can make time for you and the things that are most important to you. Time management 101. Tips, tools and strategies to make time your friend and not your foe.
  5. Module 5: Learn how to say no. When you’ve identified the things that are important to you and found the ways to clear your plate, you’ll likely have a number of people or things that you’ll need to say no to. Learn how to be respectful yet firm.

Good luck!

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