I spent my whole day working on something I had no business doing

Recently I found myself hours into a project. It seemed so simple when I started, and yet it became this thing. It grew and became more complicated that I thought in the first place. I’m sure we can all relate to a moment like that. Where we start something with good intentions, or with the intent to save ourselves some time and money by just doing it ourselves. And then realizing we had it totally backwards. That we completely wasted our time, and by default our money, by doing something that we didn’t have any business doing in the first place.

Here is my takeaway for you.

Don’t do it.

That thing you think will take you 30 minutes or an hour that would cost you $20, 50, 100, will cost you much more in your time. Because we both know that it’s going to take a minimum of double or triple that time. Time that you can spend with your loved ones or doing something that you love like (ahem) drinking wine.

Your challenge the next tine you face this decision: hire someone else to do it. Cough up the cash, save your sanity and just get it done.

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