Leave an Imprint

This is the sixth and final lesson from Daniel H. Pink in his book The Adventures of Johnny Bunko: The Last Career Guide You’ll Ever Need.

Footprints of 2010

Photo by Agnar Kaarbo used with permission.

The point is simple:

You’re young now but when you get older and look back on your life, you’ll ask yourself a whole bunch of questions. Did I make a difference? Did I contribute something? Did my being here matter? Did I do something that left an imprint?

The trouble is, many people get towards the end of their lives and don’t like their answers, and by then it’s almost too late.

So ask yourself those questions now.

So I ask you to consider the same.

Will Your Life Matter?

Will you like what you see when you look back on your life? If not, what can you do starting today so you do? Leave your answers in the comments here.

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