Life purpose is right in front of you

Ever been looking for something so hard you can’t see it? I’ve spoken about life purpose with some amazing women I admire and heard a couple of them say the same thing: “Don’t look for purpose. Let it find you.”

Huge blinders

Photo by Emilio Labrador used with permission.

When you look too hard for something, sometimes it makes it harder to see sml_Twitter-bird-blue-on-white_logo

It made me think about the other day when I needed to quickly find some information on a piece of paper. I knew which piece of paper I was looking for: its font and style was different from all of the other papers that I held in my hand.

It should have jumped out and waved at me.

Instead I shuffled through those papers. Reshuffled. Picked them up one by one, put them down one by one, and still, I couldn’t see it.

Talk about frustrating!

Let it be

I stopped for a while and then after a bit of time went back and looked at that stack of papers again. Poof – it was right there, as if by magic.

So, I ask: if we’re looking for purpose, are we actually putting blinders on and are incapable of seeing what’s right in front of us?

Maybe. I think it all comes back to the old standby: time will tell.

This experience leads me to give this advice: don’t look too hard for what you want.  If you’ve been looking really hard and haven’t found anything. Take a break for a bit. Then come back to your search gently. It may just pop up right in front of you.

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