Your simple 4-week plan to love yourself before Valentine’s Day

Before we can love others, we first need to love ourselves. With a month to go until Valentine’s Day, let’s do some prep work, some indulgent self-care, to ensure we’re fully and completely equipped to share all of the love we have with those around us.

Love yourself first

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line–Lucille Ball. Photo by Kate Ter Haar adapted and used with permission.

Here are some easy and practical ideas to show how much you mean to you for the next four weeks.

Week 1

Hydrate and nourish your body. Think velvety whole grain breads dunked in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Gorge on crunchy, fresh, delicious veggies and drape half your plate with them. Choose fruit instead of sugary treats as dessert. Perhaps a few rich, caramel-like Medjool dates? My absolute favourite! Quench your thirst with sweet, sweet water.

Week 2

Say no. It seems so difficult—oh the guilt!—and yet is so good. Assess what’s most important to you this week (heck, this month, or crazier still, this year!) and say no to everything else. You are saying “Yes!” to YOU this week.

Week 3

Delegate at home. Take one item off of your personal to-do list and give it to a family member—perhaps one you’ve been procrastinating for a while, or maybe just something you do in your day-to-day routine that you’d like to skip this week. Laundry? Dinner? Groceries? Tidying? Running errands? Driving to extra-curricular activities? Just imagine if that could become a task someone else does all the time!

Week 4

Choose something special to honour yourself. What is the best way to show you that you’re special and deserve extraordinary love? Do that.

Let’s celebrate and support each other on our four-week journey. Join me on my band new Facebook page, where we can post our pics and experiences. See you there! If you know someone else who could use some self-love, send this post along.

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