Make Your Business Peachy

What does your business have to do with a peach?

This is for those in business or those with a J-O-B and a side business.

I was on a road trip through the Okanagan in British Columbia’s beautiful interior and stopped to pick up some boxes of peaches and cherries. I had grand plans to make jams, cobblers, and pies but before I knew it, they were sitting getting nearly past ripe and attracting more fruit flies than I thought was possible.

How many times might you have an idea but you let it sit on the shelf until it attracts fruit flies?

How many times do you go to a networking event with the intention to get leads or business cards, but instead let them sit and take up space on your desk?

Or you might structure your business so that you have a box of peaches – great ideas and intentions for what you want to create. So many wonderful things you want to contribute or turn into beautiful jams. What happens when you don’t have systems, processes, strategies in place to turn those peaches that will create deliciousness for someone else?

You need proven systems, strategies, and support so that you can be more productive, save more time and create better results than you can merely going with the flow.

You need a goal and concrete plan in place so that you know what you’re working toward. Then you know how many peaches you need in order to make that jam. Is it a couple of boxes? Or do you only need one? What if you need three boxes but you only bought two–then what do you do? Those great intentions, your dreams, won’t happen unless you know what you need to make them happen. Get those goals in place for your business.

You need the right tools for the job. You need strategies and systems. Try making jam without a recipe. It might turn out but you could also get botulism and die. Don’t let your business spoil because you aren’t using the right systems and strategies!

You need a special sauce to sprinkle into your business so that it all gels together. That’s your love, support, nurturing and attention to your products, services, and clients.

You need to package your products and services well. And you need to make sure they’re super clean so that, again, they don’t spoil down the road.

Without these structures in place–tools, support, strategies and plans–you can end up with a lot of smashed peaches but not a great outcome even after you’ve spent all of that time, money, energy and your heart and soul working to make your jam.

And if you do happen to have fruit flies around, you need to know how to deal with them. You need to have something to get them out of your peaches and out of your business.

I’m putting this all together in a three-day live event in gorgeous Victoria, BC on September 21-23 where we will be making beautiful business jam together. I am helping business owners and entrepreneurs like you to build the strategies and to set the goals, and then supporting you with systems and processes so that you can take action, save time, be more productive, and create better results than you can on your own. You’ll learn which actions move your business forward instead of the actions that keep you feeling busy all day but exhausted and wondering if you accomplished anything. Plus, I’m doing personalized, on-the-spot coaching so that you create even deeper awareness, insight, and a-has that will move you and your business forward. And the cherry on top is that you’ll be in a room with other committed people who are doing the same thing. You’ll be able to receive and provide support (and hugs and high fives).

And then, I’m following it up with eight weeks of online group coaching so that you can take what you created at the event and then implement it in real time when you’re back in “the real world.” How many times have you been pumped up and bursting with ideas and excitement at an event but then lose that enthusiasm because you didn’t have ongoing support or accountability to follow through? That’s exactly why I’m including this 8-week program as a bonus for this event. I want you to have incredible success that lasts!

Early bird tickets are only available until the end of the month. Then the investment to attend more than doubles.

Register at

I can’t wait to make beautiful jam with you there.

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