Mommy fails. Why we really succeed when we think we’re failing

Not knowing where our child is. Hot dog buns with peanut butter and honey for lunch. Clean laundry scattered across the floor. These are a few of the fails that other moms shared on my Facebook page last week.

Erin Acton posts about mommy failures on Facebook

These weeds are how I welcome people to my home. It’s one of my many mommy failures that I’m declaring as a mommy success.

Whether it’s this, that, or the other thing that we think makes us bad moms, the truth is that it’s probably not true at all. In fact, a lot of our so-called failures actually make us better moms.

Take for example, my gnarled and dried out flower weed bed that welcomes everyone who visits my house. I don’t spend time here because instead, I choose to spend time – precious time – with my daughter. I get to watch her learn and grow. I get to experience the world through her eyes. Even when it’s only to point out the squirrel in our yard. Again.

A lot of these bad feelings are self imposed. We are hard on ourselves and have high expectations for what a mom should be. Other times, we worry that other moms will judge us.

Because the proof is clear: all of the other moms make amazing crafts, organize Pinterest-perfect birthday parties, take amazing vacations, and live blissful lives with their smiling kids and squeaky clean houses. Or so it seems on Facebook and Pinterest.

Even though we know – we know! – other moms aren’t perfect, it’s hard to believe that when we see the endless and relentless notifications as we slouch on the coach skimming social media when we should be cleaning the bathroom.

So I created #FailFriday. It’s a place for us to post how we’re “failing” as moms. Here is the beauty in it: through these failures, we can all see that we’re really succeeding. Join me every Friday on Facebook as we post about our successful failures.

Know other moms who could hear, see, and feel that they’re actually doing a great job? Share this article and our Facebook photos with them. Then join me at my Facebook page on Friday! I look forward to connecting with you and cheering you on there.

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