One simple idea to steal back an hour when we switch to daylight saving time

Life is too busy to lose even one precious minute each spring, let alone a whole hour. It doesn’t matter that we get it back in the fall—if you’re like me, you need it now! Here is an idea to steal back that hour over these next few days.

Time flies

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker used with permission

Experts say that most of us will need two or three days to adjust when we turn our clocks forward one hour for daylight saving time on Sunday. Let’s get started now, and do it gradually.

Let’s get up just a smidge earlier tomorrow than we normally would. And then we’ll do the same the next day, and the day after, and the day after that.

So tonight, we’ll set our alarm clocks to go off 15 minutes sooner. Tomorrow morning, we’ll get up right away (no snooze button!). Then on Thursday, we’ll set our clocks to go off an additional 15 minutes earlier. We’ll do it again on Friday, and then by Saturday night, we’ll adjust our clocks so that we spring ahead an hour and wake up at our “usual” time on Sunday morning.

If you typically set your alarm for 7 am, the next few days will look like this:

  • Wednesday night – set alarm for 6:45 am
  • Thursday night – set alarm for 6:30 am
  • Friday night (I know, it’s a weekend—we can do it!) – set alarm for 6:15 am
  • Saturday night (set your clock ahead before you go to bed) – set alarm for 7 am

There! We’re getting up earlier and we didn’t even notice. Right? : ) I guess we’ll see. And really, we likely won’t get through this without feeling a bit out of whack, but it’s my hope that by doing it gradually, we will make the adjustment that much easier on ourselves. Plus, we won’t lose out on any of our precious time that we normally do when we get suddenly smacked with a wake-up call a full hour earlier than we’re used to.

Who’s with me?

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