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What People Are Saying


"I’ve gone from being a procrastinator to being someone who gets sh*t done."

Before working with Erin, I could only dream about starting my own business. I would get excited by ideas and imagine making them happen, but I had no follow through. I consistently sabotaged myself because I didn’t really think I had the ability to create my own success. I was afraid. 

When I first talked to Erin, I knew I needed a guiding hand to help me make the journey from employee to entrepreneur. I decided to make an investment in my future by hiring her as a coach. It was a turning point. I wasn’t going to waste the investment of time and money by once again dreaming without taking action. 

With Erin, I got to see myself as the successful business person I want to be. She helped me develop an effective course of action and the accountability to see it through. I've developed more confidence in myself. I'm taking control instead of flowing along. With the tools I’ve gained in working with Erin, I can trust that I'll do what’s necessary to create the life I want. I'm also showing my son that he doesn't have to follow the usual life plan. He doesn't need to be afraid of taking a leap and doing something. I want him to skip the process that I've gone through of following someone else's idea of what I'm supposed to do. 

I've made the best start to date in any attempt at a career change. I'm optimistic and prepared to move forward. It feels good to be doing instead of talking. I’ve gone from being a procrastinator to being someone who gets sh*t done. I've got this! I can be an entrepreneur! And I'm not as far away from that ideal version of myself as I thought I was. 

—Carmel Ecker, Speak Now Communications, Victoria, BC, Canada


"My friends are so happy to see me this happy!"

Before I worked with Erin, I felt that I was lost with regards to my family life and career path. I had felt for many years that there was something that was stopping me from being completely happy. 

I was feeling that I was not successful in my career and needed a change and I became separated from my husband of 22 years and 4 children later. When I discovered Erin through LinkedIn, I hit the jackpot! My 8 weeks with Erin couldn't have come at a better time in my life. 

Erin had put me in some awkward conversations but it worked. Erin helped me to see me for the person I was and helped me find myself again. When I began with Erin, I also started counseling with someone and started going back to church. These 3 resources have gotten my life back on track and I am finally happy for the right reasons. I learned from Erin that you have to face your fears and not be scared to make mistakes. 

I had been living my life for everyone else but myself for 25 years. It was time to live my life for me! Now, I’m walking in my own shoes again. Not somebody else’s. My friends are so happy to see me this happy! And it’s a real happy. Before, it was like I was faking being happy, like I was trying so hard. Now I just feel it, and I can make myself happy. I know that now and I don’t need anyone else to do that for me. It’s huge! 

My mom asked me the other day, ‘Are you feeling at peace?’ And I was like, ‘Yes!’ I’m at finally at peace and I feel calm, but I’m excited too. I’m not stressing out about work anymore and I’m spending more time at home. I’m so much more relaxed around my kids. I would recommend Erin if you are looking for a life coach regardless where you live! She was great! 

Thank you, Erin!

—Robin Smith, Realtor, Summerside, PEI, Canada


"Nothing short of magic!"

I know Erin says she does not do magic, but her work helping me prepare to a difficult challenge was nothing short of that! She really helped me to find calm and focus in a moment where I was feeling almost chaotic, preparing to take a very important assessment that would boost my career. After our sessions, I managed to use what we talked about to prepare, and not only pass, but actually perform much better than I had anticipated. I highly recommend Erin! 

—Helena Schmidt, Counselor & Coach, Brazil


"I am so grateful for the space Erin created"

My coaching conversations with Erin were really helpful. As someone who is juggling part time work, a home based business, a relationship, community involvement, fitness and hobbies I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to manage my time. Talking things through with Erin gave me clarity, focus, and new perspectives, as well as practical tools that I could use right away to make life easier. I am so grateful for the space Erin created for me to become even clearer on my vision. THANK YOU!!

—Aimee, Victoria, BC, Canada


"You will likely be surprised by what you discover."

Erin is creatively methodical in her approach to her customized Strategy Sessions. Her questions are the shovel that help you uncover obstacles that are unnecessarily in the way. Her patience, combined with the fact that she likely shares none of your biases, helps you figure out not only what the issue is, but also how to address it. I would recommend Erin Acton to growth-minded individuals who have a vision of where they want to go with their business but perhaps aren't quite sure about how to navigate the way through the obstacles. You will likely be surprised by what you discover.

—Rebekah Hutchison, Owner, Liquid Capital West Coast Financing Corp., Victoria, BC, Canada 

"We are much happier."

“I suffered from a very busy work schedule and lifestyle which took me away from my family. It was a painful experience for my wife and children. Erin Acton helped me to bring balance to my working style and family. I am doing the same amount of work now, however smartly. This has allowed me to spend more time with my wife and children and they truly felt the difference. We are much happier.” 

—Mohamad Shurrab, CEO & Engineer, Saudi Arabia

"Erin helped me home in on the core issues."

"When I signed up for Erin's strategy session, I knew loosely what I was grappling with but it was shortly into our time together that Erin helped me home in on the core issues. I am grateful for Erin's ability to ask poignant questions and get to the heart of the matter. Throughout the call, I had the sense that Erin was on my side, encouraging me to move ahead and looking at what was holding me back. It is obvious that Erin cares deeply about helping others achieve their dreams. Thank you for that time, Erin." 

—Patricia Rawson, Victoria, BC, Canada

"She really got what I was saying."

“I am at a point in my life where my family-work-life balance is way out of whack because I can’t say no to people. I was realizing that I need to change how I approach and react to people and how to manage my workload – which is too much – but wasn’t sure how to do that. During our conversation, Erin really listened and heard what I was saying, but it went a step further. It felt like she really got what I was saying and brought it back to a relevant question or point that really summed it up for me. Now, I have a plan! And I am confident that I can execute on it. I am confident I can say no. It will be hard. There will be moments of silence where I normally pitch in and volunteer to do something, but now I’m going to say no! I’m moving on! Thank you so much, Erin.” 

—Michèle Hamilton, Digital Marketer, Victoria, BC, Canada

"I wouldn't have done this on my own."

"Erin's voice and tone made me comfortable right from the beginning. She made it easy to talk, and I don't like talking about myself! I now have such crystallized and focused thinking about my goals—and a page and a half of notes to go with them. Plus, I'm motivated to accomplish them! I wouldn't have done this on my own." 

—Christy, Victoria, BC, Canada

"Erin understood what I was saying."

"Erin understood what I was saying. She listened, and when she communicated with me, I was confident that I was being understood." 

—Thea Culley, Athlete, Vancouver, BC, Canada

"Erin helped me to take back charge and be happy in life."

"Erin is a very talented coach. She is gifted to ask the right questions and to reframe one's thoughts with the immediate result of wanting to take action. After already one session I was able to assess certain situations differently and to change them. Erin helped me to take back charge and be happy in life." 

—Sonja, Victoria, BC, Canada

"I have gained motivation and accountability."

"Since working with Erin I have gained motivation and accountability! Having her to talk to really motivated me because I shared my aspirations and worked on them with her. That alone made me more likely to go through with them and more likely to do what I said I was going to do. It’s usually hard for me to take action but through her coaching, I was able to get clear on what I need to do, how I was going to do it, and then did it. If I didn’t have this coaching, I probably wouldn’t be as organized or confident, and my team wouldn’t be as organized or confident." 

—C.R., Victoria, BC, Canada 

"It's nice to speak to someone who can bounce your thoughts back at you clearly."

"I really appreciate what a great listener you are Erin. Since I am building my business on my own, it's nice to speak to someone who can bounce your thoughts back at you clearly or give a different perspective. I feel assured that my direction is the right one." 

--Carla Dalzell, Founder/Designer, Demon Doll Clothing, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

"I now have clarity and direction for my next footfalls."

"Before my conversation with Erin, I was lost in "what do I do now?" I was pedalling as fast as I could but I couldn't see my way out of the forest. I was lost in the maze of opportunities and I was selling myself short. During the conversation, I realized I was waiting for one thing to happen first before I could take action. Now I see that I don't have to wait! Through her skills of bringing things to the forefront, Erin opened a path for me to follow. I now have clarity and direction for my next footfalls."

--Rosemarie Barnes, The Maverick Voice,

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