My sweaty secret to loving life

There is something about a good, thorough, all-pore sweat that makes the body feel amazing. I’m not talking about a little perspiration here. I’m talking about sweat. Pools of it.


Photo by crabchick used with permission.

My limbs strain to maintain balance as I stretch even further. Sweat beads, trickles, drips, and pours down my legs and onto the mat. It slips into my eyes and ears as I bend further and further forward in my hot yoga pose seeing how far my body will go.

I am sweaty. I am hot. And I love it.

My grandmother, at 90-years-young, goes to the gym three days a week, and my 94-year-old grandfather does high-knee walks (like a march) on the treadmill and complements that with push-ups. There must be something to this exercise and sweating thing. Plus, it’s become more acceptable to looking sweaty and hot thanks to the fabulous This Girl Can campaign out of the UK. If you haven’t seen the viral video yet, check it out!

Think about the last time you got your sweat on. How did your skin feel after? Soft? Supple? Hydrated? It’s yes to all of those things for me. Plus, when I do these hot yoga sessions at night, I sleep incredibly soundly. I’ve also always found exercise to be meditative and a big contributor to my quality of life. I love myself and therefore my life that much more.

What’s your favourite way to sweat it up? Let’s take the conversation to Facebook.

PS – We’re on our third week in our four-week plan to love ourselves before Valentine’s Day. We’re indulging in self-care to ensure we’re fully and completely equipped to share all of the love we have with those around us next weekend. This is a great week to join us. We’re focused on delegating at home. I delegated the grocery shopping! Join us on Facebook and receive daily inspiration.

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