Using exercise to meditate about life purpose

I must smile when I cycle. That, or the friendly reactions on the trails are actually leers at my much-larger-than-normal breastfeeding boobs.

bike one

Photo by Robert Couse-Baker used with permission.

All kidding aside, if someone told me I smiled while I rode my bike, I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m breathing deeply.

I’m pumping the swell from sitting out of my legs.

I’m stretching the kink out of my desk-hunched back.

As my body heat dissolves the snappy fall air shrink wrapped to my shins and cheeks, my mind thaws as well.

I call it the zone

I find riding a bicycle is a lot like riding a chair lift. There is a steady sway and hum that puts me in a meditative state. On my bike, I hear the tires purr on the pavement, the wind swoosh over my helmet, the chain click against the gears. Combine this mesmerizing background music with the cadence of my legs and the in-out-in-out of my lungs, and I ease into the zone.

Others who regularly exercise will know what I mean. The body finds a rhythm and takes over. Breathing, moving, it all becomes automatic and the brain begins to explore the subconscious.

It’s meditation in motion.

Find your zone

  • Choose an exercise you enjoy and can do without too much effort.
  • Choose a couple of things you want to focus on. Think about them before you start and then forget about them.
  • Don’t go too quickly or push yourself too hard. You’ll concentrate too much on controlling your breath or keeping your legs moving to let your mind go free.
  • Don’t think. You won’t find your zone. (I only realize I’ve been in the zone after I’ve fallen out of it.)

I’ve come up with some pretty profound thoughts while in the zone. It’s helping me enormously as I live my all and love my all.

What about you? When things drop you into the zone? Is it during exercise? Maybe it’s while creating art or maybe just sitting in silence. I’d love to know. Share in the comments below.

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