Vancouver Island Baby Fair Contest Winners

5 Strategy Session Winners

What they won!

A strategy session with me to discuss a challenge they have, look at it from a number of different angles, and figure out their best next move.

In addition, everyone who entered my draw gets the following gifts:

  • Guilt-Free Cheat Sheet: A 5-Step System to Let Go of Guilt and Get Happy.
  • My newsletter, filled with information on creating work-life balance, preventing burnout, getting out of overwhelm, and so much more.

The winners

I did the original draw for the five winners as we packed up from the Vancouver Island Baby Fair on Sunday afternoon. Not everyone was able to get back to me within the 24-hour deadline. Those who didn’t were disqualified, and I drew again. Here is the updated list of winners.

  • Michelle Jaworski
  • Tannis Aitken
  • Carmel Ecker
  • Ashley Park
  • Teresa Fawcett

Again, the winners have 24 hours to get back to me, or they’re disqualified. You can read the full contest rules here.