Have the strength to be vulnerable

Something struck a chord with me again the other day. I really dislike when that happens. It usually means that a belief I’ve had in place for a number of years is about to disintegrate and leave me feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. (Kind of like the way this guy looks.)

I feel vulnerable. Image by bark used with permission.

I was in my kitchen this weekend watching Ted and TedX talks as I got my veggie chopping on when I had a moment that nearly made me slice my finger off. Accidentally of course. This time it was a TedX Talk by Brené Brown called The Price of Invulnerability. I’ve provided the video at the bottom. In a nutshell, she says that when you protect yourself from feeling vulnerable, you prevent yourself from feeling joy.

My lesson learned? It’s easy to keep that vulnerability locked up. It takes strength and courage to let it out. And even more strength and courage to show and share that vulnerability with others.

So if you and I are talking sometime and you see an expression cross my face like the one the fellow above is sporting, be gentle with me. I may be feeling a little vulnerable.

Here is that TedX Talk. Enjoy!

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