Want to leave your job? Watch this.

I speak to a lot of people who daydream about leaving their current job to start a business. Alison Forster is someone who has done just that.

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After about 20 years in corporate world, it got to a point where she could no longer keep doing what she had been doing. She saved up a nest egg and made the leap, leaving the corporate world and its accompanying six-figure salary, moved across the continent, stopped what she calls “destination obsession”, started her new business, and began her new life.

In this interview, she shares how she made it happen. Enjoy.

Alison’s company, OOMPHATICO™, works exclusively with clients who are committed to unprecedented change, facilitating an elite process of accelerated subconscious reprogramming uniquely designed to transcend willpower, determination and positive thinking to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Release post-traumatic stress
  • Re-perceive fears and phobias to feel at ease
  • Eliminate destructive habits & behaviours
  • And more…




oomphatico at gmail dot com

+1 (250) 891 6060

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