Warming up to a life of purpose

I remember playing the game Hot or Cold as a kid. My dad would tell me to find something he was thinking about and I’d run around the house while he told me if I was getting warmer (closer to) or colder (further away from the object).

Gas burner

Photo by Steven Depolo used with permission

Usually, I’d start off ice cold and then I’d gradually get warmer. Sometimes I’d swerve off course and I’d start to get cold again. I’d have to backtrack to where I was last warm and start my search anew.

In life we play the same game – get warmer and warmer as we get closer to finding our life’s purpose and to creating and living our all. And sometimes we get colder and have to find our way again or make adjustments.

Think about your life. How warm are you? If’ you already feel that glorious heat, what do you need to do to get even warmer? If you’re cool, what’s one thing you can do to get warmer? I’d love to hear about where you’re at. Share in the comments below.

This post was inspired by an article by Lisa Pool in Feelgood Style. In it, she suggests examining your life to see what makes you feel cool or warm. She suggests we eliminate the things that cool us off and replace them with things that warm us up.

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