Make Your Business Peachy

What does your business have to do with a peach?

This is for those in business or those with a J-O-B and a side business.

I was on a road trip through the Okanagan in British Columbia’s beautiful interior and stopped to pick up some boxes of peaches and cherries. I had grand plans to make jams, cobblers, and pies but before I knew it, they were sitting getting nearly past ripe and attracting more fruit flies than I thought was possible.

How many times might you have an idea but you let it sit on the shelf until it attracts fruit flies?

How many times do you go to a networking event with the intention to get leads or business cards, but instead let them sit and take up space on your desk?

Or you might structure your business so that you have a box of peaches – great ideas and intentions for what you want to create. So many wonderful things you want to contribute or turn into beautiful jams. What happens when you don’t have systems, processes, strategies in place to turn those peaches that will create deliciousness for someone else?

You need proven systems, strategies, and support so that you can be more productive, save more time and create better results than you can merely going with the flow.

You need a goal and concrete plan in place so that you know what you’re working toward. Then you know how many peaches you need in order to make that jam. Is it a couple of boxes? Or do you only need one? What if you need three boxes but you only bought two–then what do you do? Those great intentions, your dreams, won’t happen unless you know what you need to make them happen. Get those goals in place for your business.

You need the right tools for the job. You need strategies and systems. Try making jam without a recipe. It might turn out but you could also get botulism and die. Don’t let your business spoil because you aren’t using the right systems and strategies!

You need a special sauce to sprinkle into your business so that it all gels together. That’s your love, support, nurturing and attention to your products, services, and clients.

You need to package your products and services well. And you need to make sure they’re super clean so that, again, they don’t spoil down the road.

Without these structures in place–tools, support, strategies and plans–you can end up with a lot of smashed peaches but not a great outcome even after you’ve spent all of that time, money, energy and your heart and soul working to make your jam.

And if you do happen to have fruit flies around, you need to know how to deal with them. You need to have something to get them out of your peaches and out of your business.

I’m putting this all together in a three-day live event in gorgeous Victoria, BC on September 21-23 where we will be making beautiful business jam together. I am helping business owners and entrepreneurs like you to build the strategies and to set the goals, and then supporting you with systems and processes so that you can take action, save time, be more productive, and create better results than you can on your own. You’ll learn which actions move your business forward instead of the actions that keep you feeling busy all day but exhausted and wondering if you accomplished anything. Plus, I’m doing personalized, on-the-spot coaching so that you create even deeper awareness, insight, and a-has that will move you and your business forward. And the cherry on top is that you’ll be in a room with other committed people who are doing the same thing. You’ll be able to receive and provide support (and hugs and high fives).

And then, I’m following it up with eight weeks of online group coaching so that you can take what you created at the event and then implement it in real time when you’re back in “the real world.” How many times have you been pumped up and bursting with ideas and excitement at an event but then lose that enthusiasm because you didn’t have ongoing support or accountability to follow through? That’s exactly why I’m including this 8-week program as a bonus for this event. I want you to have incredible success that lasts!

Early bird tickets are only available until the end of the month. Then the investment to attend more than doubles.

Register at

I can’t wait to make beautiful jam with you there.

Are You A Marigold?

This Is Not A Gardening Blog Post

Are You A Marigold?

Just so you know, this post has nothing to do with gardening. It has everything to do with you.

You’ll relate to this post if you’ve been working really, really hard on your business or career and it just keeps turning out slugs.

~ <3 ~ <3 ~

I love marigolds.

They’re so beautiful. They’re happy. They smell great.

I used to plant marigolds when I lived in Prince George, BC–a great town and a great town to plant marigolds in–but I had a problem. They kept getting eaten by slugs.

I’d awake in the morning, eager to see my new garden only to find that the slugs had been busy the night before. They crawled up to the base of the buds–they liked the buds the best–and ate a hole in the bottom and then crawled in and devoured the whole bud from the inside. Just before they were ready to bloom. The bud was done. It died. That gorgeous flower never got to shine its beautiful, sunny presence in my garden.

This drove me crazy! I tried a lot of things to keep the slugs from eating my marigold buds.

Apparently copper tape that you can wrap in a ring around plants will help to keep the slugs out.

That didn’t work.

I tried egg shells. I heard that slugs don’t like crawling across broken egg shells. I saved my empty egg shells, washed them out and let them air dry and then crushed them into jagged shards and then sprinkled them in rings around all of my marigolds.

That didn’t work.

I tried beer in a shallow dish. Apparently, slugs like the smell of beer and then will drown themselves in the cup. So I got a shallow dish, dug a shallow pit that would fit the dish perfectly, carefully poured my husband’s beer into the dish and went to sleep dreaming of the full dish of slugs I’d have the next morning.

That didn’t work.

I had the potential of a beautiful garden set to bloom but it wasn’t happening because of these darned slugs.

All of this effort that I had been putting in to keep the slugs from eating my marigold buds was completely and totally ineffective.

They were hiding in this soil that I had spent so many hours sweating over and nurturing. I built compost, a labour intensive process, where I hand turned big piles with a shovel every week to create this incredible, rich, loamy mulch so my plants could thrive and grow. The slugs loved this mulch, and they loved hiding underneath the thyme, a plant the spreads low over the soil like a carpet.

What if I went after the source? I was determined to rid my garden of them, so I started to search out those slugs and pick them, by hand, one-by-one out of my garden.

I thought I would be dealing with slugs about an inch long. That’s the size they were in my mind. And hoo boy, if I knew the size the slugs grow to here on Vancouver Island where I now live (4 or 5 inches), I might not have been so eager. But no, these slugs were tiny. So tiny, that they were easy to overlook. Easy to underestimate the damage they could cause.

When I finally started picking out those slugs–actually addressing the issue at the source instead of managing the issue–my garden started to flourish.

The exact same things happens in our businesses. We have such potential for beautiful gardens but we have slugs hiding in there, in the mulch that we have so lovingly crafted. They’re waiting for their moment to come out. Your self doubt is a slug that will keep your bud from blooming. Another one: waiting until your website or online program or elevator pitch is perfect. Another: I don’t know if people really NEED my services. Another: filling your days with busy work instead of productive work.

What are some of the slugs keeping your garden from blooming?

I’m human. I still have some slugs hiding in my fertile soil as I work to build a business. I was at a conference recently with about 1,000-1,500 phenomenal women business owners. When the speaker asked whether people were feeling fulfilled in their businesses, the vast majority of people said they weren’t. They feel exhausted. And they said they needed help in all of the areas that I help people with: to have processes and systems so they spend their time more productively, to clear their plate (or plates), to stop feeling so exhausted and instead LOVE and appreciate the garden they have created.

You want to know what it feels like to have only the things on your plate that make your heart sing and help you to make the impact on the world that you know you’re here to give, but right now you don’t know how to get the other stuff off your plate.

Or, you feel like you need systems and structure so that you can use your time more wisely, instead of getting to the end of the day feeling like you’ve wasted it or wondering what the heck you accomplished.

You know you need boundaries but you have no idea how to start setting them. Or maybe you set them and then make exceptions until your boundaries are gone again.

You want to know how to manage your time better.

To say no, even when it will be difficult.

These are the little slugs that creep into our gardens and keep our flowers from blooming.

When I saw those hands rise up and heard people asking how they can do those things, I knew that I could help all of those people in that room. That they needed my help. They need my systems and strategies and support backed by research.

I’m betting you could use some help in this area too.

I’m diving deep into these areas at an event coming up on September 21-23 in Victoria, BC. I invite you to sign up.

If you’re feeling exhausted, you don’t need to. There is a way to move forward. I know that way because I have spent the time, I’ve been exhausted and overwhelmed and I have plucked those slugs out of my garden.

If you know you have slugs that are keeping you from blooming, register for my event at Join me and the others who have already booked their flights for next month.

Find out what it feels like to have a garden that’s free from slugs.

A Story of Determination

When catastrophe strikes… what I did when the unthinkable happened.

This story will resonate with you if you have ever felt like you’ve been in a situation where disaster struck. It seems like it’s game over. That’s it. You have no other option but to quit.

* * *

So there I am on a quest with a friend of mine to cycle across Canada.

We’ve just set out. We started that morning at Mile Zero in Victoria, BC to travel the Trans Canada Highway across this beautiful country of ours.

I was tiring out and feeling my muscles and we weren’t even 30 kilometers into our trip. I decided to pull over, rest, and stretch to stave off what was sure to be excruciating stiffness the next day.

I pulled my heel to my butt to stretch out my leg when my knee made a horrible sound. A crunching sound. I thought, “Oh crap.”

I couldn’t straighten my leg. I couldn’t put any weight on my leg. I couldn’t walk.

On DAY ONE of what was supposed to be an epic trip.

What was I going to do?

My friend and I had been planning this trip for months. I had quit my job so I could do this trip! We had told everyone about our plans. Imagine! Quitting on the first day.

My friend was further up the hill, by this point probably wondering what the heck was going on.

What was I going to tell her? “Oh hey, no biggie but we’re going to have to quit our trip.” Yeah right. That was so not happening.

Quitting wasn’t an option for me.

My hobbling wasn’t improving and in fact, I could feel my knee swelling.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Or so I thought.

I remembered then, thanks to the great bicycle tune-up the week before, that I didn’t need to straighten my leg to ride my bike. When the bicycle guy was adjusting my bike seat, he told me the cycling is easiest when the seat is positioned so that the leg isn’t fully extended.

With nothing to lose, I hopped to my bike, put it in the easiest gear, and gave it a shot.

I couldn’t walk, but amazingly, I could ride!

Can you imagine what would have happened if we had thrown in the towel on day one of our epic adventure?

If I had given up that day, I would not have the amazing scrapbook full of pictures of adventures upon adventures. And I would not have the photos of me, a deep tanned brown hugging my mom, grandma, and grandpa back at my hometown airport being able to say, “I did it!! I cycled across Canada!”

I keep a piece of the chain that carried me across Canada on my desk to remind me of the incredible strength, determination, courage, and perseverance I have within me.

In life, in business, in your career, you will be met with obstacles that seem insurmountable. It will feel like something you won’t be able to overcome.

You have incredible strength, determination, courage, and perseverance in you as well.

Even when it looks like things have gone to pot and there are no good outcomes, there is always a way forward. Trust that you will be able to find your way through.


If you find this post inspiring, please share it with others.

Is It Time To Clear Out The Clutter In Your Life?

Clutter can take up our physical, personal, and mental spaces.

Summer is a great time to re-assess what you have in your space and I am definitely doing that right now. It’s time to clean up my office.

After a busy couple of months travelling in May and June, I am now knee deep in junk in my office. I have two un-built armoir’s clogging my walking paths. One is damaged: the other is the replacement. (I didn’t want to get rid of the first until the second arrived. What if the replacement kit was damaged during shipping and I could have swapped parts with the first one?) So, mess. Everywhere. And that doesn’t include the stuff stuffed into a corner awaiting tidy storage in said armoir. For details, watch the video.

Thankfully, the replacement wardrobe arrived yesterday and I can soon begin building it and clearing up the cluttered space. But in the meantime, I’ve noticed the impact on me mentally. I’m not excited to go into my office. And how could I be? It’s packed with crap! It’s crowding in on me and looms like a much-too-long to-do list. It is time to clear it out. Beyond time. And it’s the perfect time.

This is a physical space, but clutter can impact our personal and mental spaces as well.

I’m sure you can relate to this. Perhaps you have said yes more than you have wanted to and feel like you aren’t enjoying your life as much as you would like. Maybe you have a couple of unfulfilling relationships crowding in on your time and your emotions.

Many businesses shift to a slower, more relaxed gear in the summer. We have more time and space to relax and re-assess. If this is the case for you, take advantage of the time to think about all three areas of your life. Which areas could use a quick tidy? Which need a thoughtful pruning? Which ones could use an absolute overhaul?

Once that’s done, what’s one step you could take today to start on it?

As always, I love hearing from you when you take action as a result of my post. Send me a quick line by leaving a comment. Newsletter subscribers have direct access to me. Simply hit reply on my emails and your message will land directly in my inbox. I always reply.

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Work-Life Balance Mistakes Even Smart People Make #FailFriday

Yes, even smart people make work-life balance mistakes.

I like to think that I’m a smart person. And yes, even though I support people on how to have more balance in their lives, I too need to adjust from time to time.

My balance right now isn’t as great as I’d like it to be. I’ve had a couple of busy months. My inner critic sees this as a failure.

But the rest of me knows the reality: work-life balance is an ongoing adjustment. Guess what, critic? I’m human!

That’s why I’m looking forward to refreshing my balance. I thought if I’m want a refresh, I bet others will want one too. And that’s why I’m holding a webinar to support both me and you to create more balance.

Monday, July 17 at noon Pacific.

It’s a great time to do this. Busy June is behind us and work has likely slowed down a bit for you. It’s the perfect time to pause and reflect on how you want balance to look like for the rest of your year. If your work hasn’t slowed down, then it will be incredibly meaningful to take this time so that when the sun is shining, you can create opportunities to create more satisfaction in your life.

Sign up for the webinar here:

I’ll get you going right away with a work-life balance assessment.

What To Do When It Feels Like You’re Going In Circles

This training is for you if you feel like you’re going round and round the mulberry bush, swirling and swirling and not making any progress.

You may even feel like you’re stuck in a rut.

In this video, I share

  • Why going in circles is a really GREAT thing
  • A simple process to help you waste less time spinning round and round
  • An example that will help you to implement this either on your own or with a coach
  • How to create forward momentum and take action

If you have questions, drop them in the comments. I LOVE questions and I reply to all of them.

Unicorn Frappuccinos, Pot & My 6-yr-old Daughter #FailFriday

Ever had a LOT of inner dialogue/negative self-talk and it kept you from doing something?

I sure did when it came time to post a video that my daughter and I created for a cooking contest.

You’ll relate to this story if you ever notice that you:

  • Say yes when you’d rather say no because you’re worried about what other people will think or feel if you do say no
  • Choose to step back from an idea because you’re worried about what others might think if you were to do that crazy/weird/startling/outside-the-norm idea
  • Worry about looking like a slacker if you take a break when you’re under deadline but you know it’s the best thing for your productivity, clarity and focus

In the video, I share what I did to turn down the volume on that inner dialogue and what I took into account when I decided how to forward, despite learning some starting information.

Enjoy 🙂

Top 3 Hidden Signs That You Need More Balance

Top 3 Hidden Signs That You Need More Balance

These three things are often disguised as some of our favourite things, but they are actually the top three hidden signs that you need more balance.

In this video training, you will:

  • Be able to watch for those hidden signs that stress is impacting you more than you think
  • Identify when stress shows up sooner, and in a healthier way.
  • Build your self-awareness so you can make positive changes.

If you find this helpful, share it! I greatly appreciate the love.

5 Simple Steps for When You’re Too Busy

If you weren’t so busy, what would you spend more time on? Add your answer to the comments and you’ll be entered in a draw to win a beautiful bag of luscious dark chocolate mini eggs. These exact ones from Purdy’s (I resisted saying eggsact). [Contest now closed.]

dark chocolate eggs

In the meantime, in this video, you will learn the five simple steps you need to take in order to get more balance, have more focus, and be more productive.